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We offer ebikes from the following brands: Brompton (folding), Cube (cargo, city ebikes), Gazelle (city ebikes), Gocycle (folding), Linus (city ebikes), Pfautec (trikes), Tern Bicycles (cargo & folding ebikes), Urban Arrow (cargo), Yuba (cargo ebikes)

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Est. 2007 - Electric bike store in Portland, Oregon. Immerse yourself in a world where innovation meets convenience. Our expansive ebike inventory boasts a diverse selection of cutting-edge electric bikes, meticulously curated to redefine your transportation experience.

Our electric bikes aren't just a means of transport; they're your ticket to traversing longer distances effortlessly, maintaining a brisk average pace, and conquering challenging hills—all while offering you the option to breeze through your journey without breaking a sweat. Thanks to the unmatched versatility of our electric bikes, a morning routine of ferrying the kids to school, grabbing groceries, or dropping off a package becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Our Portland ebike store invites you to explore this transformative world firsthand. As you peruse our extensive ebike selection, you'll discover more than just a mode of transport; you'll find a lifestyle upgrade.

Safety and reliability are non-negotiable for us. Our commitment to your well-being means that we only stock ebikes that meet our rigorous standards. Every model on our showroom floor has undergone meticulous testing, ensuring a ride that's not just thrilling but also secure.

When you step into our store, our knowledgeable staff stand ready to be your guides, helping you navigate through the options to find the perfect ebike that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle and preferences.

Can't make it to our Portland, Oregon store? Fear not! We are committed to bringing quality electric bikes to our customers. Contact us to discuss ordering your dream ebike delivered to your doorstep.

Make the switch to electric biking today and let us be your trusted partner on this electrifying journey. Visit us or reach out, and together, let's redefine your transportation.

Brompton Folding Ebikes

Brompton Logo

Brompton Electric Bikes represent a revolutionary fusion of cutting-edge technology and the iconic design of Brompton's renowned folding bicycles. These electric bikes offer a dynamic solution to urban commuting challenges, seamlessly integrating electric propulsion with the versatility of a compact, foldable frame. We stock the full line of Brompton Electric Folding Bikes.

Cube Electric Bikes

Cube Logo

Cube electric bikes are renowned for their blend of innovative technology and robust design, making them a top choice for urban commuters and everyday riders alike. German engineering excellence is at the core of Cube’s ethos, ensuring each electric bike is crafted with precision and durability. Their electric bikes feature powerful Bosch motors and long-lasting batteries, providing riders with smooth, efficient assistance while navigating city streets. With a focus on comfort and performance, Cube electric bikes come in a variety of models to suit different needs, all while maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic. Check out our Cube Electric Bikes inventory.

Gazelle Ebikes

Gazelle Logo

Gazelle Electric Bikes epitomize Dutch craftsmanship and innovation in the realm of electric bicycles. Renowned for their commitment to quality and comfort, Gazelle seamlessly integrates electric technology into their bikes, offering riders an effortless and enjoyable cycling experience. Whether navigating city streets or exploring scenic routes, Gazelle Electric Bikes provide a smooth and efficient journey, complemented by thoughtful details and a commitment to sustainability. As urban mobility evolves, Gazelle stands at the forefront, offering electric bikes that blend style, comfort, and eco-consciousness for riders seeking a forward-thinking cycling experience. View our selection of Gazelle Electric Bikes.

Gocycle Electric Folding Ebikes

Gocycle Logo

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes redefine urban commuting with their innovative design and advanced technology. Combining portability with electric efficiency, Gocycle's folding bikes are a game-changer for city dwellers. The sleek, lightweight frame easily folds for seamless integration into public transport or compact storage spaces. Gocycle stands out as a pioneer in the electric folding bike market, offering a smart and efficient way to navigate city landscapes. View our selection of Gocycle Folding Electric bikes.

Linus Ebikes

Linus Logo

Linus Electric Bikes encapsulate timeless design with modern electric functionality. Melding classic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, Linus delivers a ride that is both stylish and efficient. These bikes seamlessly integrate electric motors, providing a smooth and silent journey without compromising the brand's signature vintage charm. View our Linus Electric bikes.

Pfautec Electric Trikes

Pfautec Logo

Pfautec Electric Trikes are designed with precision and advanced technology, offering a reliable and eco-friendly solution for riders seeking stability and comfort. Whether for leisurely strolls or practical commuting, Pfautec Electric Trikes cater to a diverse audience, emphasizing versatility, accessibility, and a commitment to sustainable mobility. We can special order Pfautec Electric Trikes.

Tern Electric Folding Ebikes

Tern Logo

Tern Electric Bikes redefine urban mobility with their innovative cargo and foldable designs. Whether navigating busy streets or seamlessly transitioning between modes of transport, Tern Electric Bikes deliver a dynamic and efficient ride, embodying the brand's dedication to reshaping urban transportation with style, convenience, and environmental consciousness. Tern holds the record for Electric bikes that our employees have purchased. We stock all of Tern's Electric Bikes.

Urban Arrow Electric Cargo Bikes

Urban Arrow Logo

Urban Arrow Electric Cargo Bikes revolutionize last-mile delivery and family transportation with their robust design and electric efficiency. These cargo bikes are purpose-built for urban life, featuring a sturdy frame and spacious cargo area to accommodate various loads. The integrated electric motor enhances pedal power, making heavy loads or hilly terrains more manageable. Whether used for eco-friendly deliveries or transporting children, Urban Arrow Electric Cargo Bikes offer a greener and more versatile alternative to traditional vehicles, showcasing a commitment to reshaping urban mobility with innovative and eco-conscious solutions. We have been carrying Urban Arrow Cargo Bikes even before they were widely available in the United States.

Yuba Electric Bikes

Yuba Logo

Engineered for hauling cargo and passengers, Yuba's electric models seamlessly blend power and practicality. The sturdy frame accommodates expansive cargo capacity, while the integrated electric motor adds pedal-assist for maneuvering of heavy loads. Whether used for daily errands, family outings, or business deliveries, Yuba Electric Cargo Bikes offer a greener and more efficient alternative, showcasing a dedication to fostering a sustainable and versatile urban lifestyle. We carry the full line of Yuba Electric Cargo Bikes.

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61 Products
Urban Arrow Urban Arrow Family Electric Cargo Bike With Bosch Cargo Line Motor Belt Drive
Urban Arrow
Urban Arrow Family Electric Cargo Bike With Bosch Cargo Line Motor Belt Drive
The Urban Arrow we know and love, now with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive!
$7,999.00 $7,999.00 $6,999.00 $6,999.00
Linus Linus eDutchi City eBike
Linus eDutchi City eBike
A lightweight and sprightly ebike.
$1,600.00 $1,600.00
Urban Arrow Urban Arrow Family Electric Cargo Bike Performance Motor
Urban Arrow
Urban Arrow Family Electric Cargo Bike Performance Motor
The Volvo wagon of the cargo bike world. Comfortable, speedy, reliable, capaciou...
$6,999.00 $6,999.00 $5,999.00 $5,999.00
Gazelle Gazelle Medeo T10+ Bosch Electric City Bike
Gazelle Medeo T10+ Bosch Electric City Bike
Bosch's most powerful motor, a 52-tooth cassette and front-fork suspension to gi...
$3,799.00 $3,799.00 $2,999.00 $2,999.00
Tern Bicycles Tern GSD S00 LX Electric Cargo Bike
Tern Bicycles
Tern GSD S00 LX Electric Cargo Bike
Great for carrying pretty much anything. Kids, groceries, spouses, pizzas.
$5,899.00 $5,899.00
Gazelle Gazelle Medeo T9 CITY Bosch Electric City Bike
Gazelle Medeo T9 CITY Bosch Electric City Bike
Mid-drive Bosch Active-Line with 400 Wh battery gets you where you need to go wi...
$2,499.00 $2,499.00 $1,999.00 $1,999.00
Tern Bicycles Tern Quick Haul Long D9
Tern Bicycles
Tern Quick Haul Long D9
Compact cargo bike designed to safely carry 2 kids, with plenty of heel clearanc...
$3,799.00 $3,799.00
Gazelle Gazelle Ultimate C380 Electric City Bike
Gazelle Ultimate C380 Electric City Bike
The Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB skillfully combines a sporty urban bike and a comf...
$3,999.00 $3,999.00
Tern Bicycles Tern  Quick Haul P9 Electric Cargo Bike
Tern Bicycles
Tern Quick Haul P9 Electric Cargo Bike
Class 3 E-bike with Bosch Performance Sport motor provides up to 65 Nm of torque...
$2,899.00 $2,899.00
Gazelle Gazelle Eclipse C380+ Bosch Electric City Bike
Gazelle Eclipse C380+ Bosch Electric City Bike
Ride for miles without end with the Eclipse C380+ HMB. Thanks to Bosch's most po...
$5,999.00 $5,999.00
Gazelle Gazelle Ultimate C380+ Electric City Bike
Gazelle Ultimate C380+ Electric City Bike
Powerful Bosch drive system provides assistance of up to 28 mph. The Enviolo gea...
$4,499.00 $4,499.00 $3,499.00 $3,499.00
Linus Linus Ero Electric City Bike
Linus Ero Electric City Bike
Comfortable classic style at a nice price.
$1,999.00 $1,999.00 $1,450.00 $1,450.00
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