Sell or Trade In Your Bike

We purchase Brompton and Tern folding bikes, cargo bikes, and kid's bikes, at our discretion. Our interest in your bike will depend on its condition, our current inventory, and our estimate of demand. We do not buy parts or components separately.

We require a state-issued photo ID for us to consider your bike. All bikes require a 15-day Multnomah County Police background check before any payment. You must be at least 18 years old.

Buyer is available by appointment only. Please call or email us first, ideally with a photo.

Two options:

Store credit? We'll give store credit of 50% of the sale price less any necessary repair parts.

Cash? We'll pay 33% in cash/check of the sale price less any necessary repair parts.

We don't buy every bike, and we won't haggle. We will be giving you less than half what we think we can sell it for, because we are going to service, display, and sell it at our risk against new bikes we buy at wholesale. We are not trying to insult you with low offers. Example: You originally paid $2000. We now estimate your bike to be worth $800 after we put $50 in parts and $50 labor. Therefore, we would offer $350 in store credit, or $247.50 in cash/check. If you want top dollar, try Craigslist.

Next steps:

Call or email us with the brand and model to determine if we are interested. We may ask you to email photos. If we're interested, we'll arrange to inspect the bike in our service stand. This process can take a few hours. If it's busy, we may ask you to leave it. Be prepared to show picture ID, original sales receipt, or other documentation to prove the bike is yours.


Interested in purchasing a used bike? Check out our current inventory.

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