Why Clever Cycles?


Expertise and Experience

Our staff has been with us for years, accumulating extensive knowledge about our products and their use. Whether you’re looking for an electric bike, folding bike, kids bike, cargo bike, or even just a bell, we use the products we sell daily and can provide knowledgeable advice.

Longevity and Trust

We've been in Portland selling bikes & ebikes since 2007 and have the experience and agility to adapt and meet your needs effectively.

Rewards Program

We’ve developed a rewards system to show our appreciation for your loyalty.

Priority Service

Bikes purchased from Clever Cycles receive discounted priority service booking, ensuring your bike stays in top condition without having to wait weeks to get an appointment.

Community Support

By choosing Clever Cycles, you’re supporting a local business that is committed to serving you with the same care and dedication we would want for ourselves. You're not dealing with an internet only business that is done with customer service once the sale has been completed. Bikes need service and we want to support you.

Every New Bike Purchased from Clever Cycles Includes:

  • Free 100 Mile Service & Updates: Local? Book your appointment online within 6 months of your purchase. Remote? We'll provide an account credit (store credit) of up to $100 to customers who provide a receipt from their local bike shop showing completion of this service (must be completed within 6 months of purchase date).
  • Complimentary software/firmware updates and diagnostic services performed within the manufacturer's warranty period.
  • Registration with Bike Index: is a non-profit bike registry that has recovered over $13 million worth of bikes. Your bike will automatically be registered. A copy will be sent to your inbox to complete the registration process.

*All offers and services apply to the original purchaser only.

Living the Life

Want to drive less or not at all, get more exercise, ride to work, ride with your kids, pick up the groceries, haul something heavy, travel with your bike, and enjoy life a little more? We do this every day. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve been there.

We Specialize in Transportation, Not Recreation

We know the most about the things that interest us. If you are looking for the latest and greatest lightweight skinny tire racing bike with Biopace rims and 33 1/3 speeds, there are quite a few bike shops that would love to have your business. We can even recommend a few. They'll know all the specs on cutting edge, top-of-the-line suspension forks and wireless derailleur frequencies, but they won't know how different bikes handle with a child seat attached or how many bags of groceries you can safely haul. And they shouldn’t, because they are into their thing. We know our market because we live it. Skinny tire bikes are fast and fun, but if you've ever tried to bring home a load of groceries on one, you know they aren't convenient for carrying larger loads. We love our big bikes, and we think you might feel happier on a bike that was designed to be low-maintenance, comfortable, durable—a bike that will get you where you want to go with all your stuff (without having to balance a bag, or a child, on your handlebars). And if you want us to order you a certain bike because you’ve come to respect the way we do business, we’d be happy to order you that skinny tire bike.

We Want You to Be Happy

Happy customers create more happy customers. Seeing your smile when coming back from a test ride or walking out the door with your new ride is the best part of our day. If we can’t make that happen, then we aren’t doing our job. We want to help you discover the right product that works for you today, tomorrow, and five years from now. If we don’t have it, we’ll tell you and even offer suggestions on where you might find it. Not only do we refer customers to the stores that can help them when we can't, but we also receive tons of referrals from other shops because we've earned a reputation for helping our customers solve their unique transportation needs.

Carefully Curated Products

There is no one perfect bike for everyone, which is why we hold accounts with over three hundred vendors—nearly twice the industry average—in order to carry the products we feel hold up to everyday use, rain and shine (and ice and hail and heat). Our product selection is not swayed by the whims of the bike industry. We are not told what to stock by some giant bike manufacturer. Instead, we seek out products that will make your day easier and your ride smoother, and we help you find the right combination of bike and accessories for your specific needs.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing is based on providing a level of service and support that will allow us to stay in business, while still being competitive and offering a convenient location. While you may sometimes find a better deal out there, our goal is to add value to your purchase by helping make sure you get the best solution for your needs and supporting you down the road. Please take into consideration the time you spend with our knowledgeable sales and service team, our rewards program, and the other benefits you receive when you are comparing. We're pretty sure there will always be a better deal out there if that is all you are looking for. 

Interest Free Financing

Quality bikes, especially electric bikes and electric cargo bikes, cost more. Take advantage of our financing options to spread out the costs over a period of up to 12 months.

We Like You (and Your Kids!)

You will not feel judged or pressured because of your experience, gender, etc. We are also an intentionally family-friendly store. We have a play area for the littles, along with a changing table in the bathroom. We know that kids can be funny, quiet, excitable, loud, grumpy, and sometimes they say the darndest things, so don't worry and just enjoy your time in the store. We are happy you are here.

We Try Our Best

We treat customers the way we want to be treated. We can all have "off" days, but if you should have an experience at Clever Cycles that is less than you hoped, we want to hear about it to make it right. Email or call us so we can help.

We’ll Take Care of You Down the Road

We’re here for the long term. Every bike we sell comes with a free tune-up, price protection, good communication, order history, and maintenance history. You can schedule an appointment for maintenance so you’re without your bike for the least amount of time. Just drop it off the day of or the day before your appointment. Our professional mechanics will give you a realistic estimate of when you'll get back on the road, and we'll communicate clearly with you about any surprises.

Timing is (Almost!) Everything

We know you're excited about getting your bike, so we’ll make sure to get it to you as soon as we can. This means that we will make sure it is professionally assembled and tuned, checked over, and (if shipping) packaged in a timely manner.


Every bike is assembled by a professional bike mechanic and checked over by a second mechanic before it reaches the sales floor. When a bike is sold, it's checked over a third time before it leaves the store. If we're shipping the bike fully assembled, we follow the same procedure.

Order History

We keep records of all your orders and service orders. Want to see when your last tune-up was or what was done? Just contact us and we’ll look it up. Do you need a copy of your serial number? We’ve got it on file, too. Every bike sold is entered into our system under the owner's name.


Our shop is centrally located in beautiful SE Portland. Public transportation is just across the street, and downtown is just a walk over the Hawthorne bridge. No matter how you plan to get here (biking, busing, driving, walking, shuffling, electric sliding, or any other mode of transport), we're easy to get to and easy to find.

We Live Here and LOVE Portland Too!

We're in this together. Come on in to the store, or talk with us on social media, tell us your experiences and needs, and let's find solutions to our everyday dilemmas and problems. Let’s make this city even better—together!

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