Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike
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Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike
Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike
Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike
Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike
Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike
Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike
Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike

Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike

$449.00 Incl. tax
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Ultralight 16" children's bike designed for all-round use by children aged 4 years and over. Read more.

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Product description


The Woom 3 helps kids ages four and older learn how to ride and continuously improve their cycling skills. The upright positioning makes it easy for Riders to maintain their balance and at the same time keep an eye on everything going on around them. At only 13.1 lbs, the woom 3 is superlight, and a favorite companion for those first longer rides on two wheels.


  • Made from light, high-quality AA 6061 aluminum with butted tubes
  • Low entry, low sitting position, long wheelbase, and forgiving steering geometry maximize stability and balance
  • woom LEGGIE Kickstand pre-installed


  • Ultralight SOOPA DOOPA HOOPS aluminum rims
  • Lightweight aluminum hubs with sealed bearings and mount for woom click-on fenders
  • Installation and removal with 5 mm hex key
  • 16 lightweight, super-strong stainless steel spokes, crossed spoking
  • Equipped with freewheel hub for free pedal rotation and ease of use


  • Light unicrown fork made out of aluminum
  • 1″ steerer
  • Generous trail angle for easy handling


  • Schwalbe Little Joe 16” x 1.4″ – woom edition
  • Lightweight tires provide ample shock absorption, low rolling resistance, and maximum grip
  • Schrader (car-type) valves
  • Reflective striping on tire sidewall for optimal visibility even in low-light conditions


  • Fully-integrated 1″ headset
  • Sealed industrial bearings
  • Integrated ahead clamp

Steering limiter

  • Detachable rubber ring attached to the fork and frame
  • Assists in steering stabilization and overturn prevention
  • Designed with a breakaway feature


  • Superlight stem made out of forged aluminum
  • 40 mm / +15°
  • Knee-friendly: no protruding bolts thanks to the integrated handlebar clamp design
  • Handlebars attached to stem with 5 mm hex bolt


  • Ergonomically designed to fit children's pelvis 
  • Non-toxic 
  • Side protection to lean against walls


  • Wide, ergonomically adapted and lightweight aluminum bars offer more control
  • BMX style high-rise bars for maximum adjustability
  • Sandblasted and black anodized
  • 19 mm diameter grip, suitable even for very small hands
  • Width: 50 cm


  • Anodized aluminum seatpost
  • Minimum insertion point marked, plus integrated guide in seat tube


  • woom Ergogrip – the smallest grip of its kind
  • Ergonomically formed gripping surface, non-toxic
  • Handlebar ends with extra large diameter for greater protection
  • Screw-in grips for secure attachment to handlebars

Seatpost Clamp

  • Secure aluminum seatpost clamp eliminates risk of turning/twisting
  • Extra-long quick-release skewer, easy to operate requiring minimal strength


  • Lightweight, forged 3.7" (95 mm) aluminum cranks with narrow tread (Q-factor)
  • Beginner gearing: 18 teeth in the front and 10 teeth in the back
  • Narrow, flat platform plastic pedals
  • Sealed cartridge
  • Flexible pedal position enables children to set off with more ease


  • Two independently operated V-brakes with braking power adapted for children
  • Brake levers are ergonomically adapted, reach-adjustable, and suitable for small hands
  • High-quality Jagwire cables provide reduced friction and smooth performance
  • Color-coordinated brakes empower children to learn which lever engages which brake
  • No coaster brake included in stock hub

Enclosed tools

  • 15 mm wrench for pedals
  • 5 mm hex key for hubs and stem


  • woom red, sunny yellow, woom green, sky blue, purple haze


  • 13.1 lbs

Weight limit

  • 130 lbs

Shipping dimensions

  • Box dimensions: 43.7” x 23.2” x 6.9”




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Questions about this product?
Questions about this product?

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Woom Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike
Woom 3 16-Inch Kids' Bike
Ultralight 16" children's bike designed for all-round use by children aged 4 yea...
$449.00 $449.00


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