Available Now! Gocycle's Fast Folding E-Bike

Available Now! Gocycle's Fast Folding E-Bike

Brompton isn’t the only British brand making electric folding bikes. Gocycle, founded by former McLaren sports car design engineer, Richard Thorpe, has been making electric bikes for over a decade, and the newest, the Gocycle GX, is designed to fold in 10 seconds. Called The Fast Folder, the GX lives up to its name. The bike has two hinges, one on the frame and one on the handlebar stem. It folds, first in half, like making a sandwich with a single slice of bread, then again at the hinge on the handlebar stem. Once folded, it can be rolled around by holding the saddle, or rested on the wheels and kickstand. Meaning, you can ride it to the station, fold it up, board the train (never having to worry if it’s crowded), bike the last leg to work without sweating, and store it neatly in your office where theft is less likely. 

Imagine how much time you’d save if you could bypass every car in traffic. With the all new GX, you can reach speeds of 20 mph—or even faster if you help pedal—and maintain a higher average speed. Not just for commutes, it’s for weekends too. The GX is well-suited for long distances and easy to pack in the car. The mostly upright riding position is comfy, and the fat, 20-inch tires combined with rear suspension absorbs road vibration from road cracks and potholes. The built-in bell is another checkmark off the list of commuter essentials. The saddle height is adjustable with an allen wrench stored under the saddle. Power is delivered via pedal assist or a red throttle button on the grip. The motor stops assisting at speeds higher than 20 mph. When the throttle or boost button is held, pedaling is not required. The internal 3-speed Shimano Nexus hub gear is controlled by a mechanical twist shifter connected to the ergonomic grips. Assist levels are set using the Bluetooth-connected GocycleConnect app. There are pre-loaded modes, like City (the default configuration) and Eco. With Custom mode, you can generate a custom setting based on your personal riding style. Two rubber smartphone mounts secure any size device to the handlebar in the landscape orientation, so you can track current and average speed, trip distance, and information about your motor power, while riding. You can turn the battery on and off by pressing a round gray button on the frame. The LED dashboard display on the handlebars displays the fuel level of your battery. There are five LEDs, each representing 20% of the battery capacity. The bike plugs into the wall to charge. Charge time is 7 hours with the Gocycle 2-amp charger or 3.5 hours with the Gocycle Fast Charger. You can get up to 40 miles on a single charge, depending on pedal input. 

The Gocycle GX’s ability to fold quickly and easily isn’t the only smart design feature we love. The side-mounted design of the PitstopWheels provides access to repair a flat without removing the wheel. The fully-enclosed chaincase keeps everything clean. Cables are routed through the frame and out of sight. The 300 Wh lithium ion battery is hidden in the frame but easily accessible. The Gocycle GX comes in Matt Black, Blue, and White/Gloss Black. It weighs just under 40 pounds and has a recommended weight limit of 220 pounds for the rider and any luggage (an optional front pannier is available). Whether you're an experienced rider looking for a first-class, last-mile solution, or you haven’t been on a bike in years, the Gocycle GX is for you. It’s a bike anyone would have fun riding.

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