roll: Bicycle Company

roll:'s mission is to make every day rides so much more than and everyday ride.

roll: was born out of their passion and belief that, BIKES CHANGE LIVES. Whether it’s connecting people to community activities, making friends from group bike rides, allowing families to spend time together, improving overall physical health, riding for Cancer research, or simply taking time to enjoy your city’s unique neighborhoods or country roads; bikes can (and do) change people’s lives.

roll: began with a history of selling other companies bikes and ended up finding themselves with a calling. More people, more bikes, more reasons, more often

roll: believes that bikes are magic. That riding bikes transforms people, and communities for the better. That's when the magic happens. roll: strives to be a “roll:model”. roll:model is our chance to give back, and our responsibility to pay it forward.

  • By focusing on the individuals and the organizations that share this vision.
  • By re-investing our resources back into the communities we live in.
  • By seeking out ways to create and support the opportunities for bikes to change lives.

Based in Columbus Ohio, roll: supports events and organizations that fit with their values and their ever-growing network of stores across the nation carrying their bikes.

4 Products
Adventures off the beaten path. More
Adventures off the beaten path.
$1,275.00 $1,275.00 $825.00 $825.00
You save 55%
The C:1 City does it all with an easy step through frame. More
The C:1 City does it all with an easy step through frame.
$979.00 $979.00
Fun, fast, and plush. More
Fun, fast, and plush.
$1,349.00 $1,349.00
The C:1 City does it all. More
The C:1 City does it all.
$979.00 $979.00
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