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City bikes are designed for city riding, i.e., shorter, more frequent trips in urban settings. They’re simple and, therefore, easy to maintain and reliable. Because they offer maximum utility and comfort, a city bike is an excellent choice for commuting, traveling to and from shops, restaurants, etc.—any purpose that calls for efficient and reliable transportation. With handlebars neither straight nor dropped, but swept back and rising, city bikes support at least a moderately upright posture for comfort and greater field of vision. In addition to upright geometry, a typical city bike has flat pedals, limited gearing and a seat optimal for upright riding—slightly wider than a racing style road bike saddle. City bikes often utilize an internal gear hub which allows for shifting while stationary and little maintenance. Tires are smooth and fat enough for resilience and comfort on rough streets. They’re equipped with features like fenders and chain guards for riding in your regular clothes as opposed to wearing cycling specific apparel. Kickstands, bells and cargo carriers are factory components, not accessories to be purchased separately. Some city bikes even have built-in lighting systems and locks. If your bicycling needs include traveling less than an hour away in plain clothes, possibly carrying a modest amount of stuff or child passenger and riding year round in all weather, check out our selection of the best city bikes. If you would like to discuss your transportation requirements, call, email or message us. We’ll help you put together the right combination of bike and accessories for your specific needs.  

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Mountain bike durability. City bike speed. More
Mountain bike durability. City bike speed.
$849.00 $849.00
Fun, fast, and plush. More
Fun, fast, and plush.
$1,349.00 $1,349.00
Fast and fun city bike at a great price. More
Fast and fun city bike at a great price.
$979.00 $979.00
Showing 25 - 27 of 27
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