Eva, Owner
If you don't know where something is, just ask this NoPo trivia record holder. Responsible for purchasing, Eva keeps her diplomatic and wrenching skills honed to step in at a moment's notice to make everything better. She enjoys gardening, living room dance parties and the smell of line-dried laundry. Eva was transplanted via Walla Walla from upstate New York, and joined Clever Cycles as a mechanic in 2010, then as an owner in 2014 following promises of fame and fortune. Dean has been with Clever Cycles since the beginning (2007 if you're counting). As a founding member he can share the trials, tribulations and absolute joy that comes with growing a business. Dean is our guru of dollars and sense. On the weekends he's been known to play guitar, drink Maker's Mark, and stay up way past your bedtime. You may see him riding around on an electrified Tern HSD cargo bike, but he keeps a few other bikes up his sleeve just in case.
Marlainna is the resident Yuba expert and has been cargo biking since 2012. She is a self described “bike collector” with a fantasy of going fully carfree and moving to inner Portland. She’s a voracious reader of sci-fi and fantasy novels, and enjoys numerous anime shows, as well as Transformers media and figures. On weekends she can be found tending her planted aquascapes, leatherworking, and crafting with resin. Their favorite spot to grab a bite to eat during the day is Wasabi Sushi. Aaron enjoys both pedaling and paddling - he is an avid builder and fabricator, plays guitar in a local band, and spends time on the river on his days off. One of his go to spots is Growlers Taproom in SE.
Natalie builds many of the bikes in the shop and approaches each one as a unique project. She has been an active participant in the sport of two wheels since childhood, ranging from enduro trials riding to weekends at Gateway Green. One of her favorite spots to ride her dirtbike is Diamond OHV near Tillamook. In addition to two wheeled sports, Natalie is also a seasoned musician - she has been playing jazz piano for over ten years. She is an engineering student with a focus in mechanical engineering and enjoys popping over to Pacific Pie Company in SE Portland. Sarah has an affinity for puns and riding her ebike (almost) everywhere. She spends a lot of her free time reading murder mysteries and YA fantasy. Their favorite local coffee shop is Grindhouse Coffee, and their favorite pizza in town is Escape from New York on NW 23rd. You can often find her in a neighborhood park with a book, coffee, and bike during the less rainy days.
Kevin enjoys playing guitar, collecting vinyl, and fixing up vintage bikes and naming them after astrology signs. He moved to Portland in 2015. Some of his favorite local eateries include Guero, Rukdiew Cafe, and Hungry Tiger (for those vegan corn dogs). He enjoys visiting the Laurelhurst Theatre, Crystal Ballroom, and Music Millennium.  
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