We rent Brompton folding bikes primarily, and a changing selection of family/cargo and electric bikes. Bikes come complete with lights, locks, fenders, stands, luggage options, loaner helmets, etc.

Brompton folders are great rides, easily slipping in and out of transit or hired cars, restaurants, and into your room for the night. You can even take them aboard planes for adventures further afield. They fit a wide range of rider heights, are incredibly versatile, and offer a much nicer ride than many people expect, making them ideal rental bikes. We rent them for all these reasons, but also because once people try them, many want to buy one.

Family/cargo bikes are perfect for touring Portland with kids aboard, or even adult passengers. And today's better electric bikes may just convince you to sell your car, even if you don't live in as bike-friendly a place as Portland. As with Bromptons, these not-inexpensive bicycles often require extended test rides to assure buyers of the value.

That's why we will apply up to $100 in rental fees toward purchase of a new bike of the same type you rent, if ordered within one week of the rental ending.

Prices are per day, with the first day being a same day return. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for all cancellations. Cancellations inside 48 hours will not be refunded. If cancelled 48 hours or more before scheduled pickup, you will be refunded your rental cost minus a $25 fee.

Are you looking to rent a road bike? A mountain bike? A cruiser? Anything less exquisitely peculiar than our offerings? Try Waterfront, with the largest rental fleet in town. Or take a walk on the wild side with Spinlister. Just want a bike for an hour or so? Try Portland's bike share system, "BikeTown".

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