Electric Cargo Bikes (22)

It’s amazing what a cargo bike can do. It has the carrying capacity of a minivan and you can use it to transport everything from potting soil to pet food to golf clubs to groceries. Perfect for beach days and trips to the park, cargo bikes make it easy to pack up the kids, the pets, and the picnic basket for a day of fun without the family car. Electric cargo bikes come with all the benefits of a cargo bike plus electric power when you need it. Electric assist makes hauling heavy stuff easier, especially in hilly areas. So if you’re someone who regularly rides more than five miles on routes with steep hills, having that extra boost from electric assist can mean the difference between biking or taking your car. More trips by cargo bike means more quality time with the kiddos, more fun for the family, and less wear and tear on the car. If you’ve ever felt stressed or intimidated at the thought of biking longer distances, electric cargo bikes provide a solution that allows you to get to your location at a greater average speed. It doesn’t matter what you’re carrying or how many hills there are between you and where you’re going when you have an electric bike. Electric assist flattens hills, and without the traffic or parking challenges, you won’t add much, if any, time onto your trip. Bike the kids to school, soccer practice, the farmer’s market—anywhere you would normally drive your car. An electric cargo bike makes it more fun to commute, shop and explore. Let us help you find the electric cargo bike that’s perfect for you and your family.


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