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Since we started Clever Cycles in 2007, we’ve seen a huge shift in the availability and perception of electric cargo bikes. Now there are countless ready-to-ride options from bike companies like Urban Arrow, Yuba and Xtracycle. Back in the mid-2000s, batteries were extremely heavy and not terribly efficient. Since then, more and more objects in our daily lives use rechargeable batteries. We have lithium-ion batteries in our phones, our cars and on our bikes, so technology is advancing at a much faster speed. Batteries are cheaper, lighter and more efficient. In addition to battery technology, we have many more choices with integrated pedal assist systems, aftermarket mid-drive, front or rear hub-drive and even friction drive.

Stokemonkey used to be one of the few electric bike options that played nicely with cargo bikes and trikes. In fact, it was specifically designed for cargo bikes. Stokemonkey had one goal; efficient low speed torque. Shift into your easiest gear to take 500 pounds of stuff up the steepest hill in town. More than 10 years later, Stokemonkey is still relevant for a few folks out there who have Yuba Mundos or Surly Big Dummy cargo bikes that want to add electric assist.

As the electric bike realm evolves, we’re moving more and more toward fully integrated electric bike systems. Companies like Bosch have made much cleaner, more unified systems that do the same thing without as much fiddling. Bikes like the Urban Arrow, Yuba Supermarche, Yuba Spicy Curry, and Xtracycle Electric Edgerunner. Turnkey ready, just buy and ride. These bikes have strong hydraulic disc brakes with forks and frames that are meant to handle the stresses that the torque of electric assist can put on a frame.

While the internet holds a vast breadth of knowledge on countless subjects, navigating the world of electric bikes can be hard, so please reach out if you need a little hand-holding along the way.


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